Local Brew and Brunette


R 38,000,000

Rural Farm For Sale in Knysna

1 Phantom Pass Road WESTFORD, Knysna Rural, Knysna



Farm with Riverfront, Forest and Arable Land

This a rare opportunity to own a very unique farm that has it all – views of the Knysna Lagoon, forests, extremely fertile arable land, and most importantly, about 2.3 km of riverfront.


Exterior  Cottage 
Pets Allowed Yes

177 ha

The farm is situated about 8km from Knysna on Phantom Pass Rd. The floodplain to the east of Phantom Pass Rd represents about 30% of the farm. Here you will find pastures which are currently rented to a neigbouring farm for grazing. There is also a cottage, which is rented on a month-to-month lease.

The bulk of the farm is mostly made up of forest, lies between Phantom Pass Rd and Reenendal Rd, and borders Phantom River View Estate. The farm can be accessed from both roads.

The Knysna River forms the eastern boundary.

There are two very strong boreholes and access to ESCOM at various points.

This property was earmarked for a residential development, which included a large number of residential units, a hotel, the SA Sports Hall of Fame building, an Audubon golf course, and other sports fields, amongst others. The rights were granted but have lapsed.